Off the Track

  • Just off the track there are a bunch of important figures that the game could not run without:

Referees (3-7)

Head Referee is in charge of all Referees and NSOs. They are the only ref with the authority to expel team members. Other refs and officials can make recommendations based on actions they have observed.

Jammer Referees wear something to identify which team they are responsible for. They count and relay the points their jammer earns per jam along with their Scorekeeper. They indicate jammer status and may call penalties performed on their Jammer. At the end of a period Jammer Refs switch teams.

Pack Referee(s) observe the pack and call penalties. No more then two pack refs can be positioned inside the track. The remainder, Outside Pack Refs, may watch the pack from the outside.

Non-Skating Officials (NSOs)

Scorekeepers are assigned a team to score for and will work closely with the jammer ref of that team. They will count points of the jammer of the assigned team. At the end of a jam they will compare count with the jammer ref and once the correct points are determined hold up a number so that the Scoreboard Operator can add it to the scoreboard.

Penalty Tracker(s) will have a white board with all players of both teams on it. They will track all penalties of the players so officials on the outside of the track are informed. They will be given the penalty information by the ref making the penalty call.

Penalty Timing Officials will start the clocks when the player sits in the penalty box and inform the player 10 seconds prior the end of the penalty and then signal the end of the penalty. They will be aware of additions of penalties accumulating of their assigned teams’ players. The Penalty Timing Officials will assist refs in ensuring teams skate short when they should. They will communicate directly with the ref and the Penalty Allocation Official.

Scoreboard Operator will communicate with the Scorekeepers of both teams to adjust the scoreboard as required. They also post the penalties from the penalty tracker.

Game Time Keeper will start the game with a buzzer, stop and start for halftime with the buzzer and finish the game with the buzzer. They will also stop the clock for half time and timeouts as required. The Game Time Keeper is also responsible for timing Jams and the space between them. They must also end jams that run for the full two minutes.