Game Rundown – Derby 101

Setup & Scoring
Each team fields five players at a time.
◾Out of those five players, four are BLOCKERS and one is the JAMMER (point scorer).
◾The four blockers from each team line up together and form a PACK between the
jammer and pivot lines, while the two jammers line up behind the jammer line.
◾The skater wearing the star on her helmet is the jammer. The skater wearing the stripe on her helmet is called the PIVOT. The pivot acts as a back up jammer, the jammer can “pass the star” to the pivot if she is struggling to get through the pack or as a strategic play.
◾On the whistle (1 short blast) the jammers take off.
◾On the first lap, the jammers earn no points, but the first jammer to legally pass each blocker on the opposing team and clear the pack is called LEAD JAMMER which is signalled by 2 short whistle blasts. You can tell if a skater is the Lead Jammer by looking at her designated jammer ref. They will point to the jammer and hold up an “L”. The Lead Jammer reserves the right to strategically end the jam before the two minutes are completed by repeatedly gesturing with her hands on her hips. If both jammers commit fouls on their first lap, there is no Lead Jammer in that jam and it will run for the full 2 minutes.
◾Jammers lose Lead Jammer status if they are sent to the penalty box during the jam or remove the jammer panty.
◾After a jammer completes her initial lap, she scores 1 point for each opposing skater she passes.
◾Jammers automatically score points against opposing skaters serving in the penalty box.
◾Jammer referees hold up fingers at the conclusion of each lap for points just earned.

◾Each two minute play is called a JAM.
◾Between each jam, there are 30 seconds for teams to line up for the next jam.
◾There are two halves in a BOUT. Each half is 30 minutes long and has an unlimited number of jams.
◾Teams may freely substitute players between jams, except for players stuck in the penalty box.

◾Blocking with forearms, hands, elbows, or a helmet.
◾Tripping, kicking, or blocking with feet or legs.
◾Blocking while 20 feet ahead of or behind the pack (“out of play”).
◾Intentionally destroying the pack, such as by taking a knee or leaving the track in a way which renders the remaining players ineligible to block.
◾Blocking a skater in her back or head.
◾Blocking while out of bounds, or blocking a skater who is out of bounds.
◾Skating out of bounds to get around other skaters (“cutting the track”).
◾Illegal procedures: false starts, too many skaters on the track.

Penalty Box
◾Referees determine the game impact of each illegal action – it is possible for an illegal action to equal no impact, no penalty.
◾A penalty costs 30 seconds of jam time in the box, served immediately.
◾Refs point skaters to the box with one finger and blow one short whistle blast to indicate a penalty.
◾A jammer in the box is released immediately if the other jammer also lands in the box.

Confused at a bout?  Don’t be shy about asking a neighbor in the crowd!