About NBR

NBR started out all the way back in 2008 with a handful of like minded women making their vision of a roller derby league on Brisbane’s Northside a reality. We run as a cooperative, meaning that our league is owned and run by its skaters with everyone doing their bit and everyone getting a say in the decision making.

This year we welcome all of the wonderful women from United Brisbane Roller Derby, another Northside league, as we combine our resources and skill sets to form a bigger and better NBR!

With always room to grow we’d love to hear from anyone wanting to begin their skating career, learn the rules and become a much valued member of the ref team, or help out as a non-skating official.

NBR Vision:

To create excellence in the sport of Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby for the benefit of our athletes, our members and our audience. This is achieved by growing a strong, competitive and well managed league of committed skaters, members and supporters.

NBR purpose:

To create a safe and inclusive community for strong independent women to-

  1. Enhance their health & well-being
  2. Develop new skills
  3. Breakdown preconceptions about women in sport
  4. To have fun!