Roller Derby

Roller Derby \ noun \ (*does not rhyme with Barbie

Roller Derby is the coolest sport in the world consisting of both athletics and show. Recently been reborn in Austin Texas, in 2001, it is also one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Roller Derby is a women’s full contact sport played on an oval track wearing old school quad roller-skates.

The games are called “Bouts” and consist of two thirty-minute halves, split into two-minute periods called jams.

The objectives of roller derby are relatively simple.  Each team has a single point scoring skater, known as a “Jammer” (the one with the pretty star on their helmet), whose objective is to weave through the pack of skaters, earning a point each time they overtake an opposing skater.

It is the job of the remaining skaters, known as “Blockers”,  to simultaneously work both on offense and defense as a pack; they block the opposing Jammer and clear a path for their own Jammer via clever skating and blocking with strategically placed shoulders and hips.

Well-played roller derby requires control, agility, strength, speed, communication, and teamwork.