NBR Team Griffin rocking Skate of Emergency 23 July 2016

NBR Team Griffin Travel Team are road tripping across the universe  to Bundaberg to show the Skate of Emergency Tournament how its done!

Skate of Emergency 23rd July: Game Schedule

Game 1 11am RCDD Vs HBR (Bundy v Hervey Bay !!!)
Game 2 12.30pm MCRM Vs CQ Misfits
Game 3 2pm Winner G1 Vs BCR
Game 4 3.30pm Winner G2 Vs NBR
Game 5 5pm Loser G1 Vs Loser G2
Game 6 7pm Grand Final Win G3 Vs Win G4


WIN Stadium

3 Flint Street, Bundaberg, Queensland 4670


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